Dog Frodo helps catch three burglars


The police in Veluwe West thanked dog Frodo for helping to catch three men suspected of stealing his owner’s handbag from her home in Hardewijk. “Little Frodo wasn’t only brave in the movie The Lord of the Rings, but also in real life,” the police said on Instagram.

The owner was sleeping in her home on Johan Niterlaan in Hardewijk when Frodo woke her up by growling. As this was unusual behavior, she went to check downstairs and discovered that someone had been in her house and had stolen her bag, which contained the usual bank cards and car keys, but also belongings of loved ones who had died, the police said.

She immediately called the police, who responded in large numbers and combed the neighborhood. A short time later, three suspects were arrested.

“Almost all of the stolen items have been found,” the police said. “All goods can go back to the reporter and three crooks are in custody. All thanks to that little alert Frodo.”